Plenary/Invited Speakers

Peter B. Armentrout
University of Utah - United States
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"Reactivity of Lanthanides and Actinides: Chemi-ionization, Thermochemistry, Mechanisms, and Spin-Orbit Effects"
George C. Schatz
Northwestern University - United States
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"SERS and Theory"
Helmut Schwarz
Technical University of Berlin - Germany
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"Menage-a-Trois: Single-atom Catalysis, Mass
Spectrometry, and Computational Chemistry"
Yves Leterrier
EPFL - Switzerland

"Hybrid Hierarchical Polymer Nanocomposites"
Viktorya Aviyente
Boğaziçi University - Turkey

"Design and degradation of oligomers & copolymers for organic photovoltaic materials"

Şefik Süzer
Bilkent University - Turkey

"X-Ray Photoelelctron Spectroscopy, a Chemical Tool for Electrochemical Analyses of Potential Developments at Liquid/Solid Interfaces: Past, Present and Future"
Ersin Yurtsever
Koç University - Turkey

"Anionic Clusters in Cryogenic Conditions"

Mine Yurtsever
İstanbul Technical University - Turkey

"Theoretical investigation of new bithiophene-imide (BTI) based organic semiconductors"

Seda Keskin Avcı
Koç University - Turkey

"Molecular Modeling of Porous Materials:
From Energy to Biomedical Applications"

Umut Aydemir
Koç University - Turkey

"Novel Methods for Increasing the Efficiency of Thermoelectric Materials"

Sondan Durukanoğlu Feyiz
Kadir Has University - Turkey

"Growth and Shape Stability of Bi-metallic Nano-particles"

Ferdi Karadaş
Bilkent University - Turkey

"Building block approach for the preparation of cyanide-based chromophore-Water Oxidation Catalyst Assemblies"

Emrah Özensoy
Bilkent University - Turkey

"A Tale of Two Catalysts: Bulk Oxygen Vacancy
Driven Catalysis on Perovskite Surfaces & Imaging Sulfur Poisoning of Precious Metal Catalysts at the Nanometer Scale with Chemical Definition"

Şaron Çatak
Boğaziçi University - Turkey

"Title of talk will be announced"

Alper Uzun
Koç University - Turkey

"Tuning the Performance of Supported Metal Catalysts with Ionic Liquid Coatings: Nanoparticles to Single-Sites"

Canan Atılgan
Sabancı University - Turkey

"Long-Range Control of Protein Conformations for Function Fine-Tuning"

Uğur Bozkaya
Hacettepe University - Turkey

"An Efficient Analytic Gradients Suite for High-Level Density-Fitted Coupled-Cluster & Perturbation Theories: The DFOCC Module"

Nihan Çelebi-Ölçüm
Yeditepe University - Turkey

"Theoretical Active Site Models for Catalyst Discovery"

Niyazi Bulut
Fırat University - Turkey

"Reactive Scattering Calculations for Astrophysical Importance of O++HD Collisions"

Ersin Emre Ören
TOBB University - Turkey

"Bionanodesign: Computational Bionanotechnology"

Şule Atahan-Evrenk
TOBB University - Turkey

"Machine Learning for the prediction of reorganization energy for p-type molecular organic semiconductors"

Ulrike Salzner
Bilkent University - Turkey

"TDDFT Analysis of Intramolecular Singlet Fission in Biradicals"

Turgut Baştuğ
Hacettepe University - Turkey

"Homology Modeling of Mamalian Nav Channels"